Team Section

Currently, we have five dance teams, ranging in age from 13 to 50. Our teams are:

  • Yemaya Teens - Our very popular teen group
  • Training Team - Our more recent team members/students who either new to salsa or would like to receive more technical training.
  • Salsa Libre - Salsa Libre is our amateur team and the next level up from our training. This group is for more experienced dancers who are still in training but capable of performing more complex moves, styling, etc.
  • Ladies of Yemaya - Ladies of Yemaya (self-explanatory). All ladies routines, footwork, styling, and no male partner. This is a selected group of the more experienced female dancers that perform hot ladies salsa numbers for the crowds.
  • Yemaya Performing Team - This is our performing team for the most experienced dancers that we have. While still in training, the performing team members must also be able to learn advanced footwork, patterns, and styling and some tricks in a relatively short period of time for more difficult routines.